My name is Connie (in the middle/brown and Jewels in the purple) and I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, but raised in Wilson, Louisiana. I'm 38-years-old and I have 5 children that I really love and adore. I started my life very young when I was sixteen, when I began dating this twenty-two year old guy named Author. I was very innocent and immature regarding making the right decisions when it came to dating the right type of guys. Our relationship started off good in the beginning; he would buy me nice things and give me money when he got paid. But it was only after a year into relationship the ship began to go down; my boyfriend would get full on alcohol and drugs. He would call me any curse word that would come out of his mouth and that's when the violence began. But I would always pray and forgive him for his actions and as a result I became a victim of abuse and now a battered woman both physically and mentally.