Creator of this Project

Kimberly Handy, B.S., M.S.Ed, M.Ed, M.S.Ed, and Ed.D-Candidate is a Teacher in Anchorage, Alaska, graduate of the University of Alaska, Anchorage, and Walden University, who loves to write and read stories of all types and volumes.  I am also a member of Delta Sigma Theta and the Order of Eastern Stars. This book came to me as a project for an online class. I thought to myself how could I make this experience different than just developing a website or module. It was like a bolt of lightening when I looked around at all the women I knew who were already telling their stories to each other. I thought why not share them with the world. So, I used Google docs, developed some questions, broadcasted it out over the Internet for others to participate and in that search found eleven other willing ladies to share the contents of their challenges, dreams, and aspirations. This book is only the beginning of what is in store for those who read it and learn from its words of inspiration. I am looking ahead to continuing this project with other women who want to share their lives through their own stories and voices. I also look forward to meeting with each of you through this book and on your travels through life. My email address is englishteacherhandy@gmail.com don’t hesitate to drop a line on how you were inspired to change your life through the words of this wonderful and courageous book.

*All pictures are courtesy of Flickr.com.
*Miranda Weiss of Tide, Feather, Snow gave us permission to use a quote from her book.