Our Book: Sisters in Strength is an open door invitation into the lives of women
whose life's mission is to bring love and joy into the lives of others
within their communities and beyond. Though varied, their journeys all
symbolize a type of interconnectedness through tears and cheers that
reveal something compelling and beautiful about each of them. The
stories herein are of ordinary women that you stand in line with at the
bank or grocery store and yet their stories remind us that there is
something inspirational to be learned from everyone of us. As they share
pieces of their continued growth and self-discovery Bennetta, Connie,
Donna, Kimberly, Marsay, Mutale, Pamelyn, Thelma, Sandra, Rochelle, Cassaundra, and Vonnie are shouting out
from the rooftops that you too can stand up and be counted. (Mutale)