China Lake, California, 1949 Thelma Veley 3-years-old
The first time I remember being old enough to have an opinion about things was at about three years old. People would stand around my bed looking down at me; it was a lady dressed in blue and a group of men with her. I asked my mother, "Who these people were?"  She would look at me and then run out of the house. It was not until years later I learned I was *born with a veil over my face and I could see spirits. I had dreams and I would discuss them with my parents. When we ended up doing or going to places I had told them about in my dreams, they both became afraid of me. My mother left my father when I was five taking my two smaller sisters, Della 4-years-old and Diane the baby. She left the next oldest Rosie and me with my oldest sister Mary; so, my dad was left with three girls. Later in life she told me she tried to take me but I told the Judge I wanted to stay with my Dad so that was that and I am glad I did.