The Lotus Flower

“The lotus flower grows up through the muck in muddy swamps and ponds. It opens and blooms at dawn, then closes and returns to the darkness at dusk. It is this ability to thrive and persevere in a dirty, inhospitable environment that inspires the symbolism of the lotus. The lotus commonly represents the Higher, Divine Self. It is a symbol of enlightenment. As harsh and dark as the world can be, each and every one of us is still connected with our greater, sacred Self. This concept is highlighted in the Buddhist Lotus Sutra. Each person has the inherent ability to reach his or her full potential, and therefore, "bloom" in the midst of the muck. The Sanskrit mantra Om Mane Padme Hum can be translated as "The Jewel is in the Lotus." The Jewel (our enlightened Self) is in the Lotus (in our human manifestation).”
Lotus Flower

Women of "Our Book."

Anchorage, AK (Thelma Veley Bridges)
Grand Blanc, MI (Marsay)
Boise, ID (Donna K.)
Anchorage, AK (Vonnie)
Anchorage, AK (Cassaundra A. Ferguson)
Anchorage, AK (Bennetta)
Gonzales, LA (Jewels)
Anchorage, AK (Mutale)
Anchorage, AK (Sandra)
Gonzales, LA (Connie)
Seattle, WA (Rochelle)
Anchorage, AK (Kimberly)